Byron Dazey, people photographer

OK, this is a man whose work I need to sculpt. I purely love this guy’s photography.

I don’t know much about Byron Dazey, but I do know that–like me–he treasures strangers. I write about them, Byron photographs them. His ability to capture personality with a lens is remarkable; I find myself telling the stories behind his candids and portraits without ever meeting the subjects.

That’s pretty powerful skill.

I am NOT a great lover of classical figurative representation, i.e., the human form and face without expression, blanded down and un-humaned to near-abstraction.* So one of the things I love is that when Dazey chooses his favorite images (all 241 of them), nearly all have at least one face and that face is telling a story.

Cool. I’d post a shot to show you what I’m talking about, but that would be rude (also illegal). So you’ll just have to visit the site and see for yourself.

*Ain’t it ironic that the virgin-white Greek and Roman marbles we so treasure, which so influenced “classical” sculpture, were originally mostly polychromed, i.e., painted in bright and anything-but-abstract colors?

2 thoughts on “Byron Dazey, people photographer”

  1. That’s my dad! He started out taking a million and one pics of me and my siblings, our friends, family etc our whole life growing up, we literally have thousands of photos. He has a really great eye for colour, setup, and is really, really good at processing and touching up the photos!!

  2. Byron is amazing! He photographs our renaissance faire and because his photos were so terrific we asked him to do our wedding. We love Byron!

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