Wha’ happened?


It’s dawned on me that I need to explain: I’m not dead, sick or otherwise incapacitated. It’s just that the blog is on temporary hiatus until I get around to fixing a bunch of stuff.

Bunches of you have cleverly noticed that there hasn’t been a new post on this blog since November 2012. Must have seemed odd, because for the last seven years or so I’ve pretty much maintained a schedule of twice-weekly posts. (And thank you, thank you for all the nice expressions of concern and even the “watinell is WRONG with you, you slacker!” comments–I didn’t realize so many people followed this blog so closely)

I could simply say I’ve been busy (which would be true–I adore my job and work long hours at it, I’m still trying to maintain a glass practice, I’m also doing a bunch of blogstuff for other folk as favors, I’ve really gotten into this whole get-a-life thing with friends which takes an incredible chunk of time and I’ve picked up two new hobbies which I should probably have run screaming in the other direction to avoid), but the thing is, this blog is just too daggone big and that’s causing some technical issues.

There are roughly 1,100 visible posts on this blog…but almost four times that many behind the scenes. Some posts are private, meant for particular audiences, some have been pulled down because they’re outdated, some just didn’t work out. A little more than 700 are project records in various stages of draft–when I’ve finished with one, it’s published as a glass how-to.

Which is actually why I started this blog in the first place. I never intended for anyone to actually read the thing (except for me and maybe my family). Morganica was supposed to be a virtual doodle pad for writing, working out problems and conducting experiments in glass and sculpture, storing photographs and recipes, etc., etc., etc.. When I was done with something, I published it, so I could access it from other computers, my phone, or anywhere else.

That 6,500-plus people also wanted to read it was a (wonderful but) very unexpected bonus.

Just FYI, a blog is a fabulous way to record the steps you’ve taken in a project, especially if you include the names, prices and URLs of vendors who sold you supplies, and links to relevant websites. I probably have read my own blog more than anyone else. The casting resources page, for example, has saved me (and my lousy memory) more times than I’d care to count.

Problem is, my current site is having trouble handling nearly 5,000 separate posts with all the associated links, images, videos and other files. It’s become big, slow and unwieldy, and parts are outdated to the point that features I’d like to offer simply can’t be done. So eight or so months ago I decided to change direction:

  1. Move to a more robust hosting service
  2. Split this blog into three blogs: Glass, stories and a private collaborative space
  3. Change a bunch of technical plumbing to improve performance
  4. Migrate the whole shebang into the new setup

Great idea, but it’s turned out to be a much bigger job than I thought. I’m hoping to have everything online soon…but soon is realistically turning out to be “not before June.”

(this is the “how come she stopped” part) About November I discovered that the migration plans I’d made weren’t working so well, and every new post I added was compounding the problem. If I’d kept up my normal post rate I would have added another 60 or so posts…so I stopped.

And offer my apologies. Until the new site’s ready, this one continue to provide access to old posts, and there are bunches of new ones waiting in the wings on my computer. For now, if you’d like to keep up with quirks in my life, new glass projects and other stuff, please friend me on Facebook.

Hopefully, I’ll see you soon…

7 thoughts on “Wha’ happened?”

  1. Thank you Cynthia. Your writings helped me flounder through my first years in glass when I found it hard to decipher what was good information on various sites. I’ve also snooped around in the Techbiz section when I needed help. Although I don’t know you (other than stealth reading your blog and friending you on FB) I want to thank you for your generosity. And your sense of humor is a kick. The information you share is always straightforward and trustworthy. Great stuff! Thanks.

  2. Thanks for catching us blog readers up! I admit I really miss your writings, insights, and musings. In addition to the plain old enjoyment I’ve received from your blog, it has also informed my glass practice.
    Thanks for it all

  3. Well, it’s a long, long time
    From March to December.
    But the days grow short,
    When you pass September.
    And the autumn weather
    Turns the leaves to gray
    You’ve dropped on out
    Nothin less to say..

    And the days dwindle down
    And your’e still not around.
    September, November
    And these few precious days
    I spend eating stew.
    Although you are gone
    I guess we’ll all get thru.


    sunny :O)

  4. Oh, dear (love the poetry, Sunny). Believe it or not, I AM working on it. In my spare time, which is pretty spare.

    The problem, actually, is figuring out how to rebuild ALL the glass posts to make them a bit more functional. I’ve experimented with multiple solutions, including splitting them out into an entirely new blog, to make them more usable. So far I can’t come up with anything I really like.

  5. I can imagine, with all the stuff you do and write… whew. Glad its not hanging round my neck. But there is always a best way out.
    I discovered a helping hand for me, and it was one that let me do it all on my own. “Focus”. Its durned helpful when faced with mult- decision making problems, like living for example. Probably won’t be your problem, but it was mine. Did me a lot of good to think about how to focus, and then do it. Dispersion is only good for lawn sprinklers and vermin exterminators… but ‘specially not for decisions.

    Hang in there.

    grampa sunny

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