People, places, and and the uncommonplace telling stories as they travel with Morganica (Cynthia Morgan) in mind and memory; neighbors, friends, and findings

Toothmarks in the fruitbowl

Found large, rodent-shaped toothmarks on apples in the fruit bowl on Mom's kitchen counter, with a trail of knocked-over orchids, the paper towel holder, a few glasses... I'd seen a squirrel at the kitchen [...]

Buy me, Mr. Shane

The Andrews Sisters didn't sing about hookers, which shatters my longest-held perception. Backstory: Lyrics aren't my strong suite; I typically hear just enough for my brain to make up its own lyrics, [...]

Room 15: Paying it forward

"Does THIS look better to you?!" she raged, pointing to her leg, "It's supposed to be ELEVATED. Does this look elevated?" I smiled weakly, made a note: The lady in room 15 [...]


"What did you do in life?" he asks cheerfully, interestedly, and I nearly punch his lights out. "The last time I checked," I say, dryly, "I was still doing it." He's about 18, [...]

The problem of Gina: What do you do when there’s nothing you can do?

Gina* is a problem. Her suffering cries drive you to her side, anxious to save an aging damsel in distress. "Help me, please. The pain is so bad. It HURTS! Please, can't you [...]

The Fortress

"Well, hello there!" she beamed, "What are YOU doing back here?" I'm back at The Fortress, the rehab center where I spent the first six weeks or so of the fight to [...]

On the bone again…

Oh....the footbone's connected to the anklebone The anklebone's connected to the shinbone The shinbone's connected to the Elmobone Now hear the word on The Void... After months of zoning out at the [...]

Moonlight at sunrise, with jitters

Awake to my sister practicing the last movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor: Moonlight Sonata at sunrise. I smile and nod as Mom asks me if I've slept well, scent [...]

The wheeled view

I saw Marcus* out of the corner of my eye, stopped at the crossroads, obviously waiting for us. Kaitlyn and I were headed over to the cafeteria for lunch.** It's a bit of [...]

Elmo, Beorn, and the Ferengi’s ears

If you're wondering what's up with The Leg: We're hanging in there. LOTS of other stuff has happened that'll show up here as I get time to write, but mostly? We're hanging [...]