Field trip for glass

>>>Field trip for glass

Just got back from the Oregon Glass Guild’s field trip to Seattle; had a lovely time, very nice people. Special thanks to Robin Knoke for organizing the trip, which was amazingly inexpensive and very informative.

OGG chartered a bus to drive us all up to visit the Spectrum glass factory, stop in at Olympic Color Rods (which supplies a fair amount of stuff for my casting work) and then head over to the Tacoma Museum of Glass and the William Traver/Vetri gallery next door.


  • Lots of great discussion on the bus about glass and animation, so I was in hog heaven, of course.
  • Very nice (and knowledgeable) fellow at Spectrum, Hassan, served as our tour guide and spent a lot of time answering my (many) questions about their production lines and furnaces.
  • The ladling robot on Spectrum’s smaller glass furnace lines was probably worth the trip. Took care of my interest in robotics, gadgetry and glass in one go.
  • The Glass Museum’s hot shop is always fun and they had a reasonably interesting main exhibit showing the contrasts in glass. I do wish, though, that they’d get over this notion that glass must somehow be justified before it can be considered as an artistic medium. The exhibit discussed the neat-o differences in glass (it can be opaque, transparent, soft, hard, cold, hot, etc.) and I really wanted something more than “wow, it’s shiny.”
  • Never yet, though, been disappointed by William Traver and their current exhibits were fun. Ironically, they’re occupying the formerly abandoned building next to the museum that I photographed during the museum’s opening. The shot I took of the old, broken window (now part of the grand entrance) is still one of my favorites.

Anyway, most enjoyable trip. I’m glad I went.



  1. gary brown October 6, 2007 at 4:14 pm

    Heh, heh… not as bad as forgetting to stick the SD card back into the D80 after doing a transfer. Camera out of bag. Switch on. Up to eye. “NoCard”.



  2. Cynthia Morgan October 6, 2007 at 10:49 am

    Well (blush), no. I did bring the GOOD camera with me, but we’d been mistakenly told we could take pictures in the Spectrum factory (a glass factory is always good for four or five really fantastic “men at work” shots). Turned out that wasn’t the case, and I dragged the camera around with me, un-turned on, through the whole factory tour, so it was a pain. Got to the museum, where of course picture-taking was also limited, so I left the camera on the bus.

    Trying to dig out the old photo of the window, which was on film, not digital, and so far I can’t find the digitized negative.

    –sigh– This is turning into one of THOSE days…

  3. gary brown October 6, 2007 at 9:40 am

    You said:

    “The shot I took of the old, broken window (now part of the grand entrance) is still one of my favorites.”

    So, can you grace us with a before & after shot? You DID take a shot of the same spot on this trip, didn’t you? I mean… you brought the old Instamatic along, right???


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