Kilned out. Drat.

>>, studio practice>Kilned out. Drat.

So with a humungous glass sculpture inside, my little Skutt GM1414 decides to pull a fast one. Or rather a slow one…

Stopped back from BECon to feed the cats on the way to Bullseye’s Lehr BBQ (which was a blast, BTW) and to make sure the kiln as firing on schedule.

It wasn’t.

Instead, I found a big “Err1” flashing on the controller and the kiln was still below 300 degrees (or maybe it went up and back down). So…shut down and I’ll talk to Skutt first thing Monday morning. Probably a relay.

Drat. Two days lost. Ain’t no way this thing can be moved without disrupting the glass (or possibly the mold) so it’ll have to wait on fixing the kiln.




  1. Cynthia July 24, 2007 at 11:33 pm - Reply

    Good idea, but it shouldn’t have been too conservative–I’ve used that ramp-up schedule many times very successfully. I did talk with Skutt, and they concluded that the relays were failing. The kiln’s about the right age for it, apparently, so they’re sending out a new relay kit.

    Next step is to figure out how to install it….

  2. Tom July 24, 2007 at 8:38 pm - Reply

    I have a tiny Skutt myself and sometimes find Err1 (or Err2) on the display. The manual defines them as relating to temperature ranges based on time.

    In simpler terms if I ask my kiln to raise at 200 dph and it can’t do it for some reason it’ll throw Err1. Likewise if I ask it to cool super slowly and it can’t (because it just can’t drop enough heat to move at that speed) I’ll get Err2.

    Maybe your new firing schedule for the mega piece was *too* conservative?

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