The Admiral lost his battle

>>The Admiral lost his battle

My cross-street neighbor Kim strolled up the driveway yesterday to see what I was up to–Shelby and I were cleaning out the vibratory tumbler, getting ready for the next grit–and casually mentioned that the Admiral was dead.

“Committed suicide,” she said, and frowned at my look of surprise, “I can’t believe you don’t know that. How could you NOT know that? There were police cars and sirens and lights and ambulances all over.”

Apparently I was out that night.

I mentioned the Admiral last March, a ghostly, skeletal figure who lived a few doors down. An ex-Vietnam vet and alcoholic who, whenever the craving took him, slipped on the skimpiest pair of running shorts I’ve ever seen and ran, shaking his fist at the stars, outrunning his demons.

I guess his demons finally caught him, because he shot himself. Kim, working in her garage with the doors up, heard a bang, then screams. Someone called 911, and that was that.

His widow put the house up for sale and moved down south. It’s a nice-looking house–the Admiral painted it last year, and the year before that replaced the old, worn driveway with brick. The realtor removed the Admiral’s favorite whirlywind toys and gnomes from the front yard when it went on the market, so that it now looks like the sober, up-and-coming-yuppie house it probably never was.

But nobody’s buying it.

I’m sorry, Admiral.



  1. Shereen August 3, 2012 at 9:44 pm - Reply

    When I was in the service I followed my older sister and my younger sister followed me , we made news – Three sisters all working for the navy was rare , however we came from a very small town and felt it was the only way out. We all traveled and I traveled the world as an Air Traffic Controller. Almost daily pilots would find their way down to the radar room to meet “that soft voice who brought me in” You can image the offers I got. I did take advantage of some, but I felt at that time the military was far too sexist to stay in. Things have changed and i still have my opinions about females in battle. I don’t regret my service but my younger sister committed suicide after getting out and I know it was because of something that happened to her while she was in.

    So sorry for their family, suicide has such far-reaching repercussions for their family.

  2. Dee June 26, 2012 at 6:50 pm - Reply

    i’m sorry cynthia, i do remember your posts about the admiral, my sympathies to his family! having to go to serve on active duty screws up so many of our servicemen!

    i hope you end up with some great neighbors in the future…

  3. ellen abbott June 26, 2012 at 7:16 am - Reply

    sad when our government takes young men, boys really, fucks up their heads, and then does nothing except turn them loose.

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