What a lousy time to have an auction…

>>, events>What a lousy time to have an auction…

(given the state of the financial markets), but the Pilchuck auction is later this month. Once again I’m going to miss it due to prior commitments (and a kilnbuilding project that’ll either bankrupt me or drive me nuts, maybe both). But at least I can have fun with the online catalog…

It’s kinda nice to see so many artist-buddies represented in the auction catalog this year, as well as the work of artists whose stuff is hanging around my house. There’s a (drool) machine from Bandhu Dunham, a nice piece by Lawrence Morell, and an intriguing piece from Pino Cherchi, too.

The fun stuff, though, is looking at work from newer artists:

Claire Belfrage: A glassblower (every year I say glassblowing has about reached its limits and every year I’m wrong). I enjoy her use of color and texture.

Carol Milne: I lost a silent auction bidding war for her GAS donation this summer, a “knitted” cast glass bowl, and still regret it. I did get a chance to talk with her there (and ask how she gets all the plaster out of those tiny crevices…”elbow grease,” she grinned).

Brian Howard: Brian uses found objects and glass to create really surrealistic insect habitats–you just gotta see them. I was in a show with him this summer and absolutely fascinated by his work.

Kazuki Takizawa: I’m not entirely sure why this work keeps catching my eye, but it does, and I keep going back to it.

Elissa Batchley: She’s doing interesting things with float and chickenwire that make me want to try them…

Ah well. There’s always next year.


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