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(Water) bowl games

Ever wake up on Sunday morning, post-whatever frenetic activity kept you up until 2AM the night before and...go [...]

Can I have your number please?

"Can I have your number please? You're a nice American, and sometimes I just need to talk to a nice [...]

making enough noise to be heard

Yup, I'm a glassMAKER. Noisemaker? That might be another story. In the old days they called us "craftsmen" or "hobbyists," [...]


You're sick again?" she asked in disbelief. "Yes, but this time for real," I said. Oops. I knew I shouldn't [...]

Root riot, grapes, and the dawning grey

"I REALLY like your swatch!" said the chick in the gorgeous teal leather boots, grabbing my arm as she passed, "It's so wintry [...]


Ever wonder if our whole modern urban lifestyle is really just quarterlife? Like we're maybe so focused on getting to [...]