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Buy me, Mr. Shane

The Andrews Sisters didn't sing about hookers, which shatters my longest-held perception. Backstory: Lyrics aren't my strong suite; I typically [...]

Room 15: Paying it forward

"Does THIS look better to you?!" she raged, pointing to her leg, "It's supposed to be ELEVATED. Does this look [...]


"What did you do in life?" he asks cheerfully, interestedly, and I nearly punch his lights out. "The last time [...]

The problem of Gina: What do you do when there’s nothing you can do?

Gina* is a problem. Her suffering cries drive you to her side, anxious to save an aging damsel in distress. "Help [...]

The Fortress

"Well, hello there!" she beamed, "What are YOU doing back here?" I'm back at The Fortress, the rehab center where [...]

On the bone again…

Oh....the footbone's connected to the anklebone The anklebone's connected to the shinbone The shinbone's connected to the Elmobone Now hear [...]