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No place like it…

Nikki welcomed me home with wild abandon and never settled down for a good photo...but wouldn't get more than [...]

Driving Miz Cynthia, Part Two

Eric the Wheelchair Guy wears a permanent grin and stands tall. The standing tall part is important, because his [...]

Drivin’ Miz Cynthia

Driving is easy. Driving with wheelchair is not. Wheelchairs are wonderful beasts, enabling you to get from Point A to [...]

Home-ward bound

I'm going home. Until a couple of weeks ago, I hadn't so much as driven onto my street for more than [...]

Toothmarks in the fruitbowl

Found large, rodent-shaped toothmarks on apples in the fruit bowl on Mom's kitchen counter, with a trail of knocked-over orchids, the paper [...]

Buy me, Mr. Shane

The Andrews Sisters didn't sing about hookers, which shatters my longest-held perception. Backstory: Lyrics aren't my strong suite; I typically [...]