Pate de verre: The garden panels project


Pate de verre combines glass casting plus frit-painting plus sculpting plus moldmaking plus coldworking. Each of those can be daunting by itself; when you combine them, pate de verre can seem awfully difficult. In this project, I’m trying to reduce the complexity for beginners and still come out with an acceptable pate de verre piece.

Most pate de verre instructors start with a vessel; I chose a more forgiving form, the bas-relief panel. I began making these garden panels (above) because I needed fast, inexpensive pieces to sell at a show. I discovered, though, that they’re […]

Rolling silver, part II

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I headed down to Eugene–my first trip to Eugene, by the way–for a PMC class from goldsmith-and-PMC-expert Carolyn Scott Kent.

PMC, or “precious metal clay,” is basically ground-up metal in an organic binder, so you can shape it, fire it, polish it up…and have a nice piece of jewelry or whatnot. Our 2-day class (well, 4 hours each on Saturday and Sunday) was all about using the fine silver version of this stuff, PMC3.

PMC3 is a heavy (REALLY heavy) whitish clay with a texture reminiscent of a less-rubbery […]




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  • My officer

My officer

I saw my officer this morning, bronzed and burly as he scolded an errant driver on the side of the road. I don’t know his name, and I’m sure he wouldn’t know me. But we made a brief connection a few years ago and so he will always be my officer.

  • Bethany’s Table

Bethany’s Table

Restaurant website Location: Beaverton (Bethany area) Price to brunch 2: About $30 It’s kind of a truism in Portland that the best eats are downtown, in the Pearl, or over on the east side. Or maybe, in a pinch, out in Lake Oswego. My friends call the western suburbs “foodie hell,” and I’m not sure […]


13 03, 2014

9 most useful iPhone apps

  • March 13th, 2014
Iphigenia the iPhone holds a boatload (or maybe a phoneload) of apps, those intriguing little chunks of software that do…stuff. I’ve a […]

10 02, 2014

Shooting snow with an iPhone

  • February 10th, 2014

you know I can’t pass up something as gorgeously photogenic as crackly, melting ice over snow in my backyard, right? Right. I can’t. And I didn’t. I thought about schlepping Darius-the-Nikon and all his gear out to the backyard for a shoot…but the “melting” part of the above description gave me pause: Darius is not […]

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