Pate de verre: The garden panels project IV

This is the fourth and final installment of the (longer-than-War-and-Peace) tutorial on making a pate de verre panel. In the first post, Carla, Shelby and I designed and made our models. In the second, we “invested” them, i.e., poured refactory plaster over them and made molds, and in the third we filled and fired the molds.

This time around, we’re seeing what comes out of the kiln and investigating some options for finishing them. All told, this project took the better part of three Sunday afternoons. The finish step–the one we’re talking about […]

Pate de verre: The garden panels project III

By now you’re probably wondering when this is ever going to end; we’ve made our models, turned them into molds…now what? We fill them, that’s what. In this post I’ll discuss how to choose and layer frit into your mold, and getting them into the kiln. In the final post (next week), I’ll show you […]




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  • The line at Home Depot

The line at Home Depot

Stopped off at Home Depot to pick up a couple of things, waited patiently in line to pay for my purchases. And no, that’s not the line I’m talking about. While I waited, I daydreamed about the new Sapphire Rose lead crystal billets* waiting on my doorstep (yum). That occupied me all the way up to the counter, […]

  • C, by the sea, by the beautiful see

C, by the sea, by the beautiful see

“Maybe we’re just too old to spark,” my sister laughed. We were standing in a strange bathroom with the lights off, trying to get wintergreen Lifesavers to light up as we crunched them with our teeth. Nothing was happening. Correction: Something WAS happening, something that had nothing whatsoever to do with blue-white sparks shooting out of […]

  • Schpritzing fruit

Schpritzing fruit

If I had to pick a last meal, it’d probably be a sandwich of fresh, crusty (REAL) sourdough bread, spread with home-made mayonnaise and topped with thin slices of really good ham, Wensleydale cheese and heirloom tomato…with an ice-cold glass of home-made limeade. The sandwich might be optional, which explains why I spent much of […]

  • Energy starred

Energy starred

“Your house,” he said solemnly, “Leaks like a sieve.” “…and that would be….good?” I asked, a bit anxiously. “Kinda depends on what you’re hoping for, Cynthia,” he grinned, “What it means right now is that your house could probably benefit from additional weatherization.”

  • Eugene on a Sunday morning

Eugene on a Sunday morning

The waiter calls me “darling,” with a dreamy smile on his face. He’s about 19, with the beginnings of a goatee, an honest-to-god twinkle in his eyes, and the thickest black horn-rimmed glasses I’ve seen outside a movie screen. Huarache sandals, black t-shirt and black jeans, turned charcoal grey by the dorm washing machines. I’m in Studio One, […]

  • Cynthia, Master Gardener

Cynthia, Master Gardener

she said admiringly, rolling down her window, “I do so envy you master gardeners!” My neighbor Rick choked on his coffee, trying not to laugh.


13 03, 2014

9 most useful iPhone apps

  • March 13th, 2014
Iphigenia the iPhone holds a boatload (or maybe a phoneload) of apps, those intriguing little chunks of software that do…stuff. I’ve a […]

10 02, 2014

Shooting snow with an iPhone

  • February 10th, 2014

you know I can’t pass up something as gorgeously photogenic as crackly, melting ice over snow in my backyard, right? Right. I can’t. And I didn’t. I thought about schlepping Darius-the-Nikon and all his gear out to the backyard for a shoot…but the “melting” part of the above description gave me pause: Darius is not […]

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