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  • frank, the blue-eyed hermit crab

Batting cleanup (tanks a lot, Fred)

Frank Sinatra, the blue-eyed hermit crab Starting a marine reef tank is a lot like adopting a demanding, [...]

Fred gets tanked

Brad and the Resident Carpenter begin the laborious process of setting up our new marine reef tank I [...]

  • morganica saved elmo. now she learns to walk.

Learning to fly

Made coffee this morning and got another lesson in gravity: The rich cream slid down into cup's depths, while all [...]

Desdemona dreams of oceans

Halloa from the sea. Life is good, waves crash home to the beat of the setting sun, lots to tell. [...]


Wanna see my brand new car? It's that modest little royal blue number on the right. Yeah, right. [...]

Recovery Road

Elmo, The Leg, and I are now officially on Recovery Road, located between Bugout Boulevard and Anxious Avenue, a block [...]