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Wanna see my brand new car? It's that modest little royal blue number on the right. Yeah, right. [...]

Recovery Road

Elmo, The Leg, and I are now officially on Recovery Road, located between Bugout Boulevard and Anxious Avenue, a block [...]

V-day, legs, eyes, and…the rest of my life

Something I've not seen before: What a busted femur looks like when the bone starts growing back. Uhm...wow. [...]

Joy to the World

Remember how I said my life had a soundtrack? I re-entered The Court this morning to the Christmassy strains of [...]

JitterDay tripping

"Excuse me," I said politely to the tiny, scowling lady walking past, "Would you mind grabbing a package of dental [...]

Pelican Lady

Pelican Lady scowls and mumbles, and what she's saying under her breath would make a muleskinner blush. Unhappiness bends her [...]