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Test: Can you spot the cripple?

The look he gave me was pure disgust. "Do you expect to put THAT," he spat, pointing to my wheelchair, [...]

Zeroing in and leveling out

BANG!! The crutch crashed down onto Elmo. Ouch. "I'm so SO sorry!" he gasped, taking my hand, "Oh my god [...]

Femurs, accessibility, and Utah: Saving Elmo II

Cramming four flights, three states, and two surgical consultations into three days would be a challenge for anyone, but moreso [...]

Tripping the light surgical: Saving Elmo II

"I'd propose," said Doc David, "A very different course." Six words. Life-changing words, words that open up a whole new [...]

Wheelchair traveler…

The pic is a storyboard from an upcoming Will Vinton claymation movie, and it seemed particularly apropos considering what I'm [...]

Filling up on sweetness, with fragility

"Excuse me," I said quietly to the cashier, handing her my receipt, "Would you mind giving this to the next [...]