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Mischief managed

Long time no write. Sorry about that. 😉 When last we left our intrepid surgical guinea pig, Cynthia-the-pincushion, she was [...]

Surgery musings and kudos to Marriott

It's the evening before my first surgery (I hope, anyway--after the false start of a couple of weeks ago I've [...]

I think I’m in love…with my bathroom

Some people dream of finding the right lover. I dream of finding the right bathroom. So when, after spending months [...]

Chirurgia interruptus

I was having surgery--the first of at least two operations--on The Leg this morning. Note the past tense: I WAS [...]

  • inaccessible (non-handicapped) bathroom

Inaccessibly accessible: When ADA compliance really isn’t

If you happen to have wheels on your butt* the difference between accessible and Accessible is pretty obvious. I should know; [...]

Happy Crashiversary, Elmo

One year ago Saturday, my life changed. So I took the day off, to consider how far I've come. It [...]

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