Color Line, revisited with Dustin

Remember that Color Line enamel glass paint that I beta-tested for Bullseye awhile back? This, apparently, is what Color Line can do in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. (IOW, someone other than yours truly) Here's the story on that: Last weekend my friend Carla and I hit up the Oregon Glass Guild's Open Studios tour, but when it ended at 4:00 we still had major glass jones, and the Bullseye Resource Center was right down the street. So we walked in, Carla did some shopping, and that's when [...]

Glasslanding on a blustery day

I know I've promised a bunch of you that I'd deliver a compilation of knee replacement surgery information and I WILL PUBLISH THAT SOON. Promise. It's just that I'm having a little trouble developing a new template that doesn't take 9 gazillion years to edit and maintain. Thanks for your patience because I'm swiftly running out of mine. Whoever thought shortcodes were the answer to formatting in Wordpress has another think coming. In the meantime, OH MY GOODNESS SHE'S ACTUALLY WRITING SOMETHING ABOUT GLASS! If it's any consolation, at least the glassmaking side of [...]




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Family restaurant

"After you, dear!" she grinned, opening the door with a [...]

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Con panna

Mini-adventure Mondays: Sometimes you win, sometimes...not. Early this morning I [...]

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The circle that lives with the drangle inside

There's a fascinating little video making the rounds right now, [...]

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Trick, or perhaps treat, please?

"Gaak!" I said, squinting at fumaric acid and magnesium phosphate [...]

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  Remember me talking about Monica, the Cookie Lady, at work? The one who makes about a blue jillion cookies and distributes them at work the way the Plaza Hotel distributes bedbugs?* She’s at it again. […]

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No thanks. I’ll walk.

This is me, standing on the I5 overpass near work, [...]