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View from the mountain

Ever find yourself on a mountaintop, musing, "Now how the hell did I get up HERE?" That would be me. [...]


"Dang it," said my sister* crossly, "I HATE flabby earlobes." I looked up in mild surprise. "Flabby what?" "Earlobes. You [...]

Did she bake a cherry pie, Billy boy, Billy boy?

If you added up all my blogposts since 2003, you’d have something like 7,200 separate articles. Only about 650 are [...]

The ravell’d sleeve of care…

Life is something to do when you can't get to sleep. --Fran Lebowitz Oh, c'maaaaaaaaaan! So today, I get this [...]

Test: Can you spot the cripple?

The look he gave me was pure disgust. "Do you expect to put THAT," he spat, pointing to my wheelchair, [...]

Zeroing in and leveling out

BANG!! The crutch crashed down onto Elmo. Ouch. "I'm so SO sorry!" he gasped, taking my hand, "Oh my god [...]