Cynthia Morgan (Morganica) discusses kilnformed murrini (how to use a kiln to make murrine), including tutorials plus design and engineering considerations, equipment information, supplies, controlling murrini colors, layers, line, and form.

14 11, 2014

Kilnformer’s murrini you can buy


Note: This post was originally published on January 20, 2011. Since then, some of these offerings have changed, and more murrini makers are offering kilnformer supplies, so I thought this needed an update. I've been exploring all the different ways to make murrini cane in a kiln, and having a lot of fun with it. Check out some of these [...]

Kilnformer’s murrini you can buy2017-10-07T18:00:35-07:00
13 02, 2012

Cutting remarks (cutting glass with a tile saw)


It's all in the way you slice it. And the way you slice it is, apparently, profoundly affected by a good blade. Check any glassmaker's forum and you'll probably find someone with glass cutting issues, usually stemming from a tile saw that's more like a Cuisinart than a slicer. I don't claim any special expertise at this stuff, but I do have a decades-old, cheap, badly made, out-of-true tilesaw that reliably cuts amazingly thin murrini cane* slices. I do this a lot. So I must be doing something right...right?

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1 04, 2011

Kinda like peanuts


Guess what I've been doing in my spare time? Everybody needs a goal, right? I decided mine was to make 600 glass cabochons for a project I have at the end of April. So for the last three or four weeks I've been chopping, shaping, grinding and firing dozens and dozens of those kilnformed murrini I've been writing about. And it's kinda like peanuts: I examine a fresh-from-the-kiln batch, wonder what would happen if I sawed the cane THIS way, or fired an extra 30 minutes, or stacked the glass THAT way...and off I go to try that.

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4 01, 2011

Murrini cane in a kiln: Jellyrolls


Last time around, I talked about murrini cane, and the most obvious way to make them in the kiln: A murrini rod mold, AKA "rodpod." As I've said, I'm not pretending that anything I discuss here is my invention or brand new stuff: Murrini-making is one of the oldest glassmaking techniques. This is just a compendium of methods I use [...]

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22 12, 2010

Murrini cane in a kiln: The rod mold


FINALLY I'm back in the studio, messing around, after a six-month hiatus. And I figured I'd start with something easy: Making components for bigger sculptures. Then it turned into this bigger thing, i.e., exploring how to make murrini in a kiln. I'm trying several methods here, and this will probably be a three-parter. Sorry about that. So...I've got some ideas for cast, figurative sculptures and vessels that incorporate murrini, bronze and other things. First order of business: Make enough murrini for easy playing.

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