20 09, 2020

Sunday morning musings, 2020-style


Nathan and Grizz are inseparable, or at least Grizz thinks so... If Nathan does anything, from putting on clothes to sitting in a lawn chair on the back porch, Grizz wants to do it, too. "Can you believe it?" I chortled to the Resident Carpenter-Blacksmith, "They said to get a SECOND dog, it would calm Grizz down! TWO [...]

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12 04, 2020

Errant girl


Grizz, bored Wanna look like a hero while actually tasting a bit of freedom in these pandemicious* times? Run errands for your neighbors. Remember all those times we've moaned and groaned about how little time we have to CREATE, what with work and chores and bill-paying and sundry obligations? And how, if we could just stay HOME, nowhere [...]

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9 02, 2020

Growing up grizzly


Grizz, as usual, captivated the trainer. So did Nathan. As for me, well, CAPTIVATE is not exactly the word I'd use...sigh. We learned many things in Grizz' first puppy class: Grizz is an incredibly smart puppy, aeons ahead of puppies twice his age, and any seemingly naughty bits are simply Grizz being a puppy Biting me is unacceptable. [...]

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26 01, 2020



Grizz has gone from a cute, floppy-eared puppychunk to an obvious German Shepherd with a werewolf face. My friend Jenn said, "Puppies are what you survive to get a dog." I grok this statement completely. Cats are SOOOOOOO much easier. Cats do not turn you into a fangcushion, i.e., a pincushion, but for teeth. Grizz reached his 3-month [...]

23 12, 2019

Six rules of puppymonster management


Grizzlebear, trying to blend in with the winter grass We've had Grizz for one week, and he's learned a lot. I've learned more, given that this is my first genuine puppy (the few dogs I've had were adult rescues, so I've never really dealt with puppymonsters before). I've got a few tips for anyone considering the acquisition of [...]

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14 12, 2019

Puppy dog tales


Bringing the puppy home on my lap. Dave the Dog Guy said he'd be happier making the trip home in a blanket on my lap than in a carrier, so he maneuvered from lap to car console to lap all the way home. Hectic days: Nathan's in grueling, dawn-to-dusk training to become a home inspector, I'm working long [...]

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