22 02, 2012

Coldworking small castings


Q: Is there a better (faster, cheaper) way to coldwork small glass sculptures? A: Yep A BeCon or two ago, Richard Whiteley, head of the Canberra glass school, said that glasswork fresh from the kiln was only half finished; coldwork was necessary to take it the rest of the way. Ouch. I happen to agree with him, but as much as I love HAVING coldworked, I hate DOING coldwork and seem to be on a neverending quest to avoid it. Right now I'm testing a bunch of machines to see if they can automate the finishing process for small cast glass sculptures, like pendants.

Coldworking small castings2020-11-26T12:52:23-08:00
13 02, 2012

Cutting remarks (cutting glass with a tile saw)


It's all in the way you slice it. And the way you slice it is, apparently, profoundly affected by a good blade. Check any glassmaker's forum and you'll probably find someone with glass cutting issues, usually stemming from a tile saw that's more like a Cuisinart than a slicer. I don't claim any special expertise at this stuff, but I do have a decades-old, cheap, badly made, out-of-true tilesaw that reliably cuts amazingly thin murrini cane* slices. I do this a lot. So I must be doing something right...right?

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8 09, 2010

Pop goes da weasel


Ever had one of those moments of sheer, utter astonishment, where your mouth drops open all the way down to your ankles and stays there? That was me on Monday, thanks to the artwork pictured above. The rightmost panel quietly separated itself from its hanger and came off in my hands...while I was rehanging it. Since it's been hanging perfectly well on that same wall for more than three years, I was, uhm, kinda taken aback.

Pop goes da weasel2017-10-07T17:58:40-07:00