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Cookie karma

Some of us are born just absolutely stuffed to the gills with winkarma. The rest of us get it doled out out by the God of Adventure, who is one stingy bastard. I used up my winkarma allocation decades ago, on a box of cookies.

Winter Celebration Chili (recipe)

As I've said before, I'm definitely NOT a chef, and I seriously doubt if you could call me a cook. I'm a recreational foodmaker, who just fixed a pretty scrumptious pot of chili and wants to share.

William the Conqueror-squirrel comes a-fostering

William the Conqueror-squirrel is now part of a household already enriched by Lola, Nikki, The Resident Carpenter, about a million saltwater denizens of the deep, assorted garden vegetables, and a number of wild critters living (only, I hope) in the backyard. This is the story of a squirrel orphan being rehabbed to the wilderness.

Driving out niggling nags

Snuck out of the house early Sunday morning, hobbling downstairs to the garage and deserting the Resident Carpenter, snoring peacefully [...]