13 02, 2019

Cookie karma


Some of us are born just absolutely stuffed to the gills with winkarma. The rest of us get it doled out out by the God of Adventure, who is one stingy bastard. I used up my winkarma allocation decades ago, on a box of cookies.

Cookie karma2019-02-13T19:33:04-07:00
17 10, 2018

William the Conqueror-squirrel comes a-fostering


William the Conqueror-squirrel is now part of a household already enriched by Lola, Nikki, The Resident Carpenter, about a million saltwater denizens of the deep, assorted garden vegetables, and a number of wild critters living (only, I hope) in the backyard. This is the story of a squirrel orphan being rehabbed to the wilderness.

William the Conqueror-squirrel comes a-fostering2018-10-17T14:05:04-07:00
7 10, 2015

Mobility, workout tights, and this thing called normal


If this summer has taught me anything, it's that normal takes a helluva lot more time. It's been almost three months since Elmo-the-total-knee-replacement and I announced our joint partnership (heh-heh). While I can't say I'm as good as new, I'm at [...]

Mobility, workout tights, and this thing called normal2017-10-07T18:08:23-07:00
29 06, 2012



If you added up all my blogposts since 2003, you’d have something like 7,200 separate articles. Only about 650 are actually searchable on right now. Tried to import the rest, but so far can’t figure out a way to [...]

26 05, 2012



"You're 5,000 miles overdue," he said reproachfully, "CherryBaby needed her tires rotated at 15,000." I puzzled over that one, since CherryBaby rotates her tires madly every time we hit the road. The ins and outs of automotive maintenance aren't really my thing--when your dad regards tinkering with cars the way everyone else regards fine Belgian chocolate, there's not much need. But the service dude seemed to think this was a terrible faux pas, so I apologized.

23 12, 2009



What could be more fun than spending Sunday night blowdrying your lips? Uhm...I should probably explain that...

27 04, 2008

Glassist’s birthday cake: A recipe


Serves 12... if you can find the plates Blow the dust off your old recipe box and pull out that superb three-years-in-development recipe for your award-winning Triple-Chocoholic cake. No recipe. Recall the time you were late for the hotshop, needed [...]

Glassist’s birthday cake: A recipe2015-02-03T11:43:01-07:00
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