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14 07, 2021

Backyard farming, crawdads and a few agates


We spent the spring and early summer waiting for these beauties to ripen. When they did--BANG--they needed to be used immediately. The realities of summer for a backyard farmer: Pick it or lose it, babe. Gardeners probably roll their eyes at that, in a "well, DUH, dummy!" kinda way, but it's caused some significant changes in this citygal's [...]

Backyard farming, crawdads and a few agates2021-07-14T18:53:26-07:00
27 02, 2021

The lighthouse


The view as you walk up to Heceta Head Lighthouse is absolutely stunning Last Sunday, we walked up to Heceta Head Lighthouse. It's beautiful, with amazing views from the summit, but I damn near didn't see them for the tears. Happy tears, but tears. Near the summit, looking down on the sea The path is [...]

The lighthouse2021-02-27T15:16:04-08:00
24 02, 2021

Walking on the beach


Yachats bay in a rainstormStorm-tossed Sunday morning, and I'm watching the leaping whitecaps prey on seagulls, tucked snugly under a blanket in a tiny cottage, waiting past the drip-drip-drip of coffee to a full cup. Yesterday I walked more than two miles on the beach. The Resident Carpenter-Blacksmith and I clambered through leg-dragging sand, seeking shells and laughter and solace. [...]

Walking on the beach2021-02-27T03:47:26-08:00
11 10, 2020

Saturdays past and ‘shrooms


"Mmmmm," sighed The Resident Carpenter-Blacksmith in happy satisfaction, "That's the sound of mushrooms growing." The blessed rain was finally FINALLY coming down, spattering windows and clearing the obnoxious, lung-clogging firesmoke that's turned Oregon breathing into a cautionary tale. And it has an added benefit: Rain grows mushrooms. "Bring on the RAIN!" I gleefully agreed. On my first [...]

Saturdays past and ‘shrooms2020-10-11T19:49:03-07:00
21 06, 2020

Uncomfortable conversations


I broke a cardinal rule; I discussed politics at work. There are excellent reasons why we don't discuss politics--or any polarizing issue--in the workplace. Coworkers have a right to their opinions. We never EXclude team members, we INclude them. Work must be a neutral zone, where we focus on getting the job done, excellently, effectively, and on time. I know [...]

Uncomfortable conversations2020-06-21T13:31:47-07:00
12 04, 2020

Errant girl


Grizz, bored Wanna look like a hero while actually tasting a bit of freedom in these pandemicious* times? Run errands for your neighbors. Remember all those times we've moaned and groaned about how little time we have to CREATE, what with work and chores and bill-paying and sundry obligations? And how, if we could just stay HOME, nowhere [...]

Errant girl2020-04-12T10:25:25-07:00
23 12, 2019

Six rules of puppymonster management


Grizzlebear, trying to blend in with the winter grass We've had Grizz for one week, and he's learned a lot. I've learned more, given that this is my first genuine puppy (the few dogs I've had were adult rescues, so I've never really dealt with puppymonsters before). I've got a few tips for anyone considering the acquisition of [...]

Six rules of puppymonster management2020-05-11T09:26:18-07:00
1 12, 2019

Hooking on a Saturday afternoon


For my very first blacksmith-shop-in-the-backyard job, I made a coathook of twisted steel. Ain't it just absolutely gorgeous? "Wanna learn how to forge a coathook?" asked The Resident Carpenter, "I thought you might like to try blacksmithing...?" "Sure!" I said eagerly, and we headed for the shop. When making a silver squirrel pendant, it's generally a good [...]

Hooking on a Saturday afternoon2021-06-15T14:15:47-07:00
4 11, 2019

Naked on the 33rd floor


OK, well, not NAKED, exactly, but the next best thing. This is gonna take some explaining, so bare (heh-heh) with me. I started my professional life as a tech reporter, covering all kinds of events in different parts of the US. It was a great job I probably would have done for free: All the gadgets I wanted at no [...]

Naked on the 33rd floor2019-11-04T10:52:32-08:00
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