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23 02, 2009

Smooth-on Trowelable Plasti-Paste


Normally, I craft my mother molds out of plain old plaster of paris. It's cheap, relatively quick and the cleanup is easy. But the resulting shell is also heavy and brittle, hard to store and prone to chipping off in exactly the spot you need it to be whole. Smooth-on's Plasti-Paste promises to alleviate at least 75 percent of those problems but costs about $17; plaster costs about $3. To work, the Plasti-Paste shell needs to be VERY light, VERY rigid and VERY easy to get off the mold. goes.

Smooth-on Trowelable Plasti-Paste2016-05-16T14:17:51-07:00
3 02, 2009

Never deny the art


OK, really not going to get too awfully philosophical here but over the weekend a realization was slammed home that should have been obvious and somehow was not: Once you get art into your head, one way or another, it's gotta come out. ;-) ....

Never deny the art2017-10-07T17:50:22-07:00
19 09, 2008

Optical delusions


I’m back in Castuary (my term for that anxious period when the mold is in the kiln and you’re waiting to find out if you’ve just made heaven or hell in glass). As usual, it’s sending me into all kinds [...]

Optical delusions2016-10-11T22:59:00-07:00
10 07, 2008

All hail fiberglass! (Boybubbles)


  This week I have two great big thank yous: One to Bob Heath, who kindly loaned me the use of his kiln when mine croaked, and one to the guy that invented fiberglass. THANK YOU […]

All hail fiberglass! (Boybubbles)2016-05-16T13:45:01-07:00
5 07, 2008

Demo de verre


Wow. THAT was fun. Spent the afternoon demonstrating pate de verre techniques at Portland’s Museum of Contemporary Craft, and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Part of the museum’s month of glass, it’s sponsored by the Oregon Glass Guild. Supercompetent Bob Heath (president [...]

Demo de verre2017-07-17T04:48:25-07:00
27 03, 2008

Making me (self-portrait)


Warning: VERY long post. Only read this if you're interested in pate de verre, because this is the length of a small book... Couple years ago a lovely artist named Cynthia (not me...Cynthia Oliver), organized a virtual artshow of warmglass artist [...]

Making me (self-portrait)2016-05-15T15:25:37-07:00
13 03, 2008

Caster’s hand cream


Those of you who cast glass know that one thing casting ISN’T, is good for your hands. Between plaster, investments, clay, coldworking, etc., casting is just about the worst thing you can do to a good set of digits. I’ve [...]

Caster’s hand cream2016-05-15T16:01:04-07:00
2 03, 2008

Caster pity party


As I'm sitting here digging investment out of tiny little nooks and crannies in my latest glass casting, I'm suddenly struck by the immense number of glass casters whose work runs to sensuously smooth, unadorned imagery. Do you suppose that's [...]

Caster pity party2016-05-15T16:01:03-07:00
29 01, 2008

Lost in Castuary


So it's back to Castuary, that odd period where life revolves around the kiln, or more specifically, around the molds I'm casting in the kiln. The process of casting glass kinda reminds me of bringing kids in from recess: Controlled [...]

Lost in Castuary2016-05-15T16:00:38-07:00
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