2 06, 2007

Hood River post-mortem


Drove up to Hood River yesterday to participate in the "Art Walk,"this time as artist, not tourist, and I had a blast. I now see why people do these things, even if they don't get rich.

Hood River post-mortem2017-10-07T17:34:52-07:00
28 05, 2007

Shards of tempered glass (the Shards series)


There's been some interest on warmglass lately about doing chunky, frosted glass vessels like the one above (and also the one at the top of this blog), something I've been experimenting with ever since my parents' big glass display doors came down. I take pretty extensive notes (and pictures) of my experiments, so I thought I'd post a longer explanation here...

Shards of tempered glass (the Shards series)2016-03-20T00:12:38-07:00
19 04, 2007



As much as I like working with larger forms of glass, you just can't beat frit for infinite possibilities...I particularly enjoyed one experiment--packing powder into simple geometric shapes and letting it fuse into glossy pyramids and circles and squares. So, just as fun exercise, I decided to do a whole piece this way, with a few twists.

16 03, 2007

Stumpbowl completed: lessons learned


So StumpBowl, my first playing around exercise in a long while, is done and I think I have managed to create the vitreous equivalent of the hooked rug. Humpftt. I've learned some valuable lessons, though.

Stumpbowl completed: lessons learned2016-05-16T01:01:40-07:00
11 03, 2007

Five Finger #1: Stumpbowl


I'm taking a brief hiatus from my pate de verre while I figure out where I'm taking color in casting. Sometimes when I get stuck, playing around with the glass helps me kickstart work in the problem area. So...I'm playing, and I'm trying to concentrate more on texture than color. Hence Stumpbowl.

Five Finger #1: Stumpbowl2016-11-06T05:43:55-07:00
3 01, 2007

Bad glass day


I decided to see if I could do one of the most basic operations--putting a foot on a piece--during the slumping process. So I chose Bullseye's square glass bowl, a fairly deep slumping mold, built a foot at the bottom of it, and slumped a blank over it. Didn't work. The bowl looks exactly the way I anticipated...but it cracked on three of four corners. Drat.

Bad glass day2016-05-18T14:55:46-07:00
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