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27 03, 2018

Learning to fly


Made coffee this morning and got another lesson in gravity: The rich cream slid down into cup's depths, while all the sweetness sank to the bottom, leaving a thin, bitter layer of dark on the surface. What does it mean when your morning cuppa joe becomes a metaphor? Probably that gravity is ruling my life lately, and it needs to [...]

Learning to fly2018-05-08T20:46:37-07:00
11 02, 2018

Desdemona dreams of oceans


Halloa from the sea. Life is good, waves crash home to the beat of the setting sun, lots to tell. This weekend the Resident Carpenter and I loaded the car with enough to last a family of four in Antarctica (we overpack), and headed west to the coast. We'd planned to shoot sunrise ocean video with the new drone, but [...]

Desdemona dreams of oceans2018-03-27T07:21:14-07:00
25 01, 2018



Wanna see my brand new car? It's that modest little royal blue number on the right. Yeah, right. I drive all over Glassland now; Tyrone-the-Spiffy Wheelchair breaks down so I can pull him into the passenger seat all by myself. The wheels come off, the back folds down, the anti-tip wheels pop off, and then I drag him [...]

22 01, 2018

Recovery Road


Elmo, The Leg, and I are now officially on Recovery Road, located between Bugout Boulevard and Anxious Avenue, a block or two away from Stircrazy Street. I'm still waiting to feel relieved, celebratory, about the fact that bone is finally growing in The Leg and amputation becomes less and less likely with every good report. Yet what I'm mostly feeling [...]

Recovery Road2018-05-08T20:51:20-07:00
12 01, 2018

V-day, legs, eyes, and…the rest of my life


Something I've not seen before: What a busted femur looks like when the bone starts growing back. Everything tumbles into my head like a firehose; the problem isn't finding something to write about. It's figuring out which stuff to write about first. So...let's start with V-day: The Leg is finally Finally FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY!!!! healing. All the pain, [...]

V-day, legs, eyes, and…the rest of my life2018-01-12T20:18:09-07:00
30 11, 2017

Joy to the World


Remember how I said my life had a soundtrack? I re-entered The Court this morning to the Christmassy strains of "Joyeux Noel." It matched my mood: I'm going home. Sally-the-driver picked me up this morning (The Court has a bus with a wheelchair lift and driving you to appointments is included in the price) and dropped me off at Kaiser [...]

Joy to the World2017-11-30T11:53:29-07:00
29 11, 2017

JitterDay tripping


"Excuse me," I said politely to the tiny, scowling lady walking past, "Would you mind grabbing a package of dental floss for me?" Stores don't really consider wheelchairs when they set up their displays. The floss was all the way on the top shelf, far above my reach when seated in the wheelchair. I would have stood, but the Kaiserbeast [...]

JitterDay tripping2017-11-29T21:30:35-07:00
27 11, 2017

Pelican Lady


Pelican Lady scowls and mumbles, and what she's saying under her breath would make a muleskinner blush. Unhappiness bends her body, breaks it in dispirited places, leaves her mouthbreathing as she walks, frowning and rolling her eyes. I don't know why she's so angry, don't know her backstory, but it would have to be a doozy to make her THIS [...]

Pelican Lady2017-11-29T09:24:54-07:00
14 11, 2017

Mantis lessons


A small chitinous lady landed on my little balcony this morning, a 4-inch long preying mantis, wearily looking for somewhere to lay her eggs. I love mantids, love their ferocity, their intelligence, the way they eye you, daring you to just TRY something so they can trounce you.* A mantis moves through life supremely confident, supremely paranoid, without a shred [...]

Mantis lessons2017-11-29T09:31:44-07:00
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