William the squirrel

>William the squirrel
29 05, 2019

Pass me that cigar! (Willow’s a mamma!!)


Let's say you've raised a squirrel from a tiny baby, released her to your backyard wilderness and multiple boyfriends, but she still comes inside to play/eat/cuddle. One day you notice she's gotten really fat and cranky, and has these giant [...]

Pass me that cigar! (Willow’s a mamma!!)2019-05-29T12:07:53-07:00
17 10, 2018

William the Conqueror-squirrel comes a-fostering


William the Conqueror-squirrel is now part of a household already enriched by Lola, Nikki, The Resident Carpenter, about a million saltwater denizens of the deep, assorted garden vegetables, and a number of wild critters living (only, I hope) in the backyard. This is the story of a squirrel orphan being rehabbed to the wilderness.

William the Conqueror-squirrel comes a-fostering2018-10-17T14:05:04-07:00