saving elmo

>>saving elmo

Late night 9/16/16: I didn’t see the stairs. Medically, that caused a “comminuted open fracture of the left distal femur.” In 6 months, we added “non-union.” IOW, I shattered my lower thighbone above Elmo, my replacement knee, so there was almost nothing left for Elmo to grab.

The goal: Grow bone and restore Elmo to full function. Until then, I’m “non-weight-bearing,” in a wheelchair. So far, bone growth has been very, very slow. If it hasn’t happened by 2018 I’ll go back to surgery for a new, less effective femoral implant and–down the road–possible mid-thigh amputation.

Let’s not. I’m focusing on “Saving Elmo.” These stories describe that journey.

Room 15: Paying it forward

"Does THIS look better to you?!" she raged, pointing to her leg, "It's supposed to be ELEVATED. Does this look elevated?" I smiled weakly, made a note: The lady in room 15 [...]

The Fortress

"Well, hello there!" she beamed, "What are YOU doing back here?" I'm back at The Fortress, the rehab center where I spent the first six weeks or so of the fight to [...]

On the bone again…

Oh....the footbone's connected to the anklebone The anklebone's connected to the shinbone The shinbone's connected to the Elmobone Now hear the word on The Void... After months of zoning out at the [...]

Moonlight at sunrise, with jitters

Awake to my sister practicing the last movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor: Moonlight Sonata at sunrise. I smile and nod as Mom asks me if I've slept well, scent [...]

The wheeled view

I saw Marcus* out of the corner of my eye, stopped at the crossroads, obviously waiting for us. Kaitlyn and I were headed over to the cafeteria for lunch.** It's a bit of [...]

Elmo, Beorn, and the Ferengi’s ears

If you're wondering what's up with The Leg: We're hanging in there. LOTS of other stuff has happened that'll show up here as I get time to write, but mostly? We're hanging [...]

Cliffhangers, clues, and claying around

Today is E-day, IOW, my monthly trek down to the orthopedics hospital, where they do all kinds of x-rays and studies to discover if Elmo and I will stay together. The docs [...]

8 weeks: Patience for the unvirtuous

Happy crashiversary, Elmo! Two months ago, the bottom of my left femur seceded from my leg. If I've learned anything from this, it's that patience really is a virtue. Trouble is, I'm [...]

Death by chicken

It's like a horror movie: You walk into your chicken coop and roosters attack, spurs and beaks shredding your jugular like carnitas, killing you deader than Kentucky Fried. Apparently this can happen [...]

Mr. Desmond

On Friday night, Sept. 16, I fractured my left femur just above Elmo, my replacement knee. Four days and two surgeries later I found myself in The Fortress, a post-acute care facility, [...]