OK, you gotta follow me a bit here. Anybody ever catch an episode of Lost in Space, the scifi-with-a-moral TV show of my childhood? Not the movie, the TV show!


Got it now? Good. Now…remember the daughter?

No, not the blonde one with the legs (Judy, BTW–I always figured she was either there as the smart version of Ellie May Clampett or a sop to teenage boys, but that’s another story). I’m talking about the sweet, spunky, articulate one with the gorgeous dark hair: Penny, played by Angela Cartwright.

Anyway, aside from that TV show, she did some other stuff and eventually became a fine art photographer, museum curator, author, all the kind of stuff I can really get behind. In an incredibly roundabout way I discovered her blog (a fun read), and guess what I found?

Deryn Mentock. For those of you that who’ve braved my huge list of glassist blogs, I mentioned Deryn’s blog as one of my favorites. Apparently Ms. Cartwright bought some of Deryn’s jewelry, and liked it so much she blogged about it.

Kinda cool. And fun to watch Deryn’s site evolving, just as a good blog should.