Fellow glassists, by clicking on a single link (and having 12 hours of fun), you can save up to $145. When was the last time ANYone connected with glass ever SAVED you money?

You can thank me now–I’m part of the volunteer coordination team for GAS 2008, and we can offer this great opportunity to only about 50-60 people.(and spaces are going fast!)

All you have to do is sign up to be a GAS work-exchange volunteer. Work 12 measly hours doing stuff you’d probably kill to do anyway….and you get into the 2008 GAS conference for $143 instead of up to $288. (Or for just $43 if you’re a student)

How cool is that? Here’s how you do it….

First, you check out the goodies you get as a work-exchange volunteer:

  • Discounted conference fee ($43 for students, $143 for the rest of us–instead of fees up to $288)
  • Free transit pass to get you to and from the conference venues easily
  • Special gifts, goodies and star treatment from GAS and local glassists (such as the Oregon Glass Guild)
  • The chance to be behind the scenes and go where no one else is allowed to go (that’s MY hotbutton)
  • Instant friends–at least 100 of them–as you bond with fellow volunteers

Second, you make sure you’re a GAS member. If you’re not, sign up now. (BROAD HINT: If you volunteer for GAS work-exchange, not only does your conference savings help pay the membership fee and give you all the big benefits of being a GAS member at the conference…but there’ll also be a few bucks left over…)

Third, you check out all the good stuff you’ll get by going to 2008 GAS in Portland. Then realize that, as a volunteer, you ALSO get the backstory on all the following, at no extra charge:

  • GREAT representation of all glass art techniques. For example, the local warmglass manufacturers (Bullseye, especially, but also Uroboros, Savoy, etc., etc.), the Oregon Glass Guild, and many many others are turning out in force to make this a kilnforming extravaganza.
  • A chance to network with people you may have met online, in art magazines, or just dreamed about one day seeing in person.
  • Portland is turning itself into a glasstown for the month of June. There will be exhibits of glass art in every nook and cranny in Portland and some amazing local studios will open their doors to show you how they do their work. Even the local museums are devoting considerable space to glass art.
  • There will be more glassists running loose than you can shake a stick at (even a stick made of glass), and since they’re a friendly bunch, lots of opportunities to rub elbows and ask for help solving your worst problems.
  • The technical exhibits are going to be amazing, particularly for glass gadget freaks like me, with show discounts and the like.
  • Local studios and glass schools are preparing special classes with some of the best glass teachers in the world before and after the conference, and the parties (official and well, less official) will be legendary.
  • Portland itself is a great place to eat, drink and be glassy. I’m building up a list of local glass on display and great mostly cheap places to eat wonderful food You can help me add to both lists!

So fourth….sign up! Just fill out this form and submit it. Or leave a comment on this blog and I’ll get in touch with you.

How simple is that? But as I said, work-exchange slots are going fast. Sign up today or you might lose out.