Hmmmm. I think the glass me looks a lot less harried.

Whenever this blog stops being about glass for awhile, one or two people will drop me a line about it. Gee, it’s nice that you folks notice. (Thanks!)

This morning, for example, I received a gentle prod about the lack of glassist posts. “Loved the thing about the self-portrait, but what are you working on now?”

Truth be told? Nothing.

Not that I’m not inspired. There are mountains of projects in the works or in need of finishing up and hanging so I can get them out of my glassroom and into somebody else’s house. Stuff to be picked up from the photographer’s, repairs to be made, birthday presents to craft…and my brain has modeled the next THREE sculptures so clearly that last night in the shower I found myself reshaping the soap.

So it’s not that I don’t have stuff to work on…but TIME to work on them? That’s different.

In addition to my dayjob, right now I’m working on a few promised tasks with the local glass art community, helping organize casting demo on the 12th with Mel and Les Rowe (of twinvision fame on warmglass, standing room only with a waiting list), getting ready for houseguests and buddies coming to town, doing some pro bono website work, and gearing up to finally, FINALLY turn the garage into a genuine casting and coldworking studio with room (barely enough room) for the litterbox and the car.

See any glasswork on that list? And when I do get around to even entering the studio, I’ve committed to making a bunch of stuff for shows in June…so just getting in and playing isn’t even in the backseat right now. Drat.

Blogwise, for awhile the only glass stuff you’ll see is maybe “here’s how I’m turning a garage into a studio” stuff…assuming I actually get time to do it. Right now, though, I’m just waving at the glass in passing…and shaping the soap in the shower.