2 05, 2008

La Provence Bistro & Bakery


La Provence website Location: Lake Oswego, OR Cost to break the fast of two people: About $40 “If you do restaurant reviews, you’ve gotta try this place,” said Bonnie Gilchrist, so we had breakfast at La Provence in Lake Oswego this morning, while we talked GAS. (That’s G.A.S., acronym for Glass Art Society, not the lowercase variety that emerges after [...]

La Provence Bistro & Bakery2020-03-02T07:43:35-08:00
6 03, 2008

Wong Kee BBQ Dim Sum Restaurant


Local site (review) Location: Downtown/Chinatown (Pearl) Price to fill up two people for dinner: About $30 The signs outside (and in) said “Best dim sum in Portland.” The waitress, however, seemed puzzled. “You want dim sum?” Yes, we said firmly. Dim sum. She shook her head, went back to the kitchen (which, for some reason, was loaded with boxes of [...]

Wong Kee BBQ Dim Sum Restaurant2017-10-07T18:41:49-07:00
6 03, 2008

Wong’s King Seafood Restaurant


Our dinner came with a whole squab, split between the two of us, and they scrupulously made sure that we each got half..of the head. Website Area:  Far east-side, I84 and Division Price for two to fill up: $98 this time, but more usually about $50 A great Chinese seafood restaurant in Portland? That’s something I thought I left behind [...]

Wong’s King Seafood Restaurant2020-06-21T18:59:53-07:00
15 02, 2008

Yuki Japanese Restaurant


Yuki Japanese Restaurant website Area: West-side downtown, 23rd street Price to fill up two people: About $40 I'm not sure anything is going to top Sushi Takahashi for price, but in terms of taste, this little Japanese restaurant on 23rd between Lovejoy and Johnson definitely meets it. They served some of the best toro (fatty tuna) sashimi I've had in [...]

Yuki Japanese Restaurant2017-07-30T14:27:20-07:00
25 08, 2007

Whole Foods


Website  Area: All over Portland/Vancouver (I did the one in the Pearl) Price for two to fill up: $16-$20 The corporate organic grocery store, Whole Foods, is an old lunch standby for many people, and I'll grab a bite there when I'm in the Pearl District and need to pick up some groceries, but I gotta say it doesn't hold [...]

Whole Foods2017-07-30T14:44:06-07:00
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