2 05, 2008

La Provence Bistro & Bakery


La Provence website Location: Lake Oswego, OR Cost to break the fast of two people: About $40 “If you do restaurant reviews, you’ve gotta try this place,” said Bonnie Gilchrist, so we had breakfast at La Provence in Lake Oswego [...]

La Provence Bistro & Bakery2016-05-15T15:49:39-07:00
6 03, 2008

Wong Kee BBQ Dim Sum Restaurant


Local site (review) Location: Downtown/Chinatown (Pearl) Price to fill up two people for dinner: About $30 The signs outside (and in) said “Best dim sum in Portland.” The waitress, however, seemed puzzled. “You want dim sum?” Yes, we said firmly. [...]

Wong Kee BBQ Dim Sum Restaurant2017-10-07T18:41:49-07:00
15 02, 2008

Yuki Japanese Restaurant


Yuki Japanese Restaurant website Area: West-side downtown, 23rd street Price to fill up two people: About $40 I'm not sure anything is going to top Sushi Takahashi for price, but in terms of taste, this little Japanese restaurant on 23rd [...]

Yuki Japanese Restaurant2017-07-30T14:27:20-07:00
25 08, 2007

Whole Foods


Website  Area: All over Portland/Vancouver (I did the one in the Pearl) Price for two to fill up: $16-$20 The corporate organic grocery store, Whole Foods, is an old lunch standby for many people, and I'll grab a bite there [...]

Whole Foods2017-07-30T14:44:06-07:00
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