I’m not sure anything is going to top Sushi Takahashi for price, but in terms of taste, this little Japanese restaurant on 23rd between Lovejoy and Johnson definitely meets it. They served some of the best toro (fatty tuna) sashimi I’ve had in a long time, but where they really shine is in sushi rolls.

I think these guys must stay up nights figuring out what else to stuff in a roll, and they had some really nice combinations. Robyn and I ate our way through a tray of sushi rolls, sashimi and misc. for about $36 for the two of us, with green tea. We were stuffed, and probably shouldn’t have started with appetizers–Robyn had steamed edamame pods, which were tasty, and I had the traditional cucumber salad, which should have been marinated longer.

Tip: The tiger sushi roll is very good.