19 11, 2015

Color Line, revisited with Dustin


Remember that Color Line enamel glass paint that I beta-tested for Bullseye awhile back? This, apparently, is what Color Line can do in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. (IOW, someone other than yours truly) Here's the story on that: Last weekend my friend Carla and I hit up the Oregon Glass Guild's Open Studios tour, [...]

Color Line, revisited with Dustin2019-02-15T10:02:42-08:00
14 11, 2015

Glasslanding on a blustery day


I know I've promised a bunch of you that I'd deliver a compilation of knee replacement surgery information and I WILL PUBLISH THAT SOON. Promise. It's just that I'm having a little trouble developing a new template that doesn't take 9 gazillion years to edit and maintain. Thanks for your patience because I'm swiftly running out of mine. Whoever thought shortcodes [...]

Glasslanding on a blustery day2017-10-07T17:33:24-07:00
6 04, 2011



Wonderful artist and really nice person Els VandenEnde died last night. I met her exactly eight times in my entire life and each time she greeted me like a long-lost friend. We corresponded more online than in person, and always meant to get together but somehow never really did. There's a term I use for work that's physically as well [...]

4 02, 2010

Surges, Henry and Darryl


There's something seductive about working from home, whether it's in a studio or behind a computer. You can be as unwashed and floppy as you like and wear things the Goodwill wouldn't accept if you paid 'em (even in Portland). What you can't do, however, is drop everything and get to your next meeting on time. Too often I look up from whatever it is I'm doing and realize I have 15 bloody minutes to shower, blow-dry, make-up, dress, print out whatever it is I need and drive across town.

Surges, Henry and Darryl2016-05-15T15:56:21-07:00
16 01, 2010

Compound eyes


This was a week of contrasts, of suicide bombers and gems, art and armor. A rich week of brainstorming and artstorming and talk, one that brought home the value of new and shared perceptions. And maybe (sigh) an unwelcome revelation.

Compound eyes2016-05-29T11:48:26-07:00
13 11, 2009

Artful in Seattle


I'm not often asked to be the muscle for somebody so when I am, it's kinda neat. And what could be more fun than hauling glass in Seattle? My friend Becky owns a gallery in downtown Portland (Fireborne, you should visit), which carries everything from little glass bugs to jewelry to big honkin' sculpture. She wanted to make some exchanges in Seattle. Somebody had to schlep boxes and hold doors for her... was I interested?

Artful in Seattle2021-06-15T14:12:07-07:00