And I thought the British were the masters of understatement. They ain’t got NUTHIN on the Canadians, apparently.

Here’s a story about poor Fournier, the skydiver who’s trying to break the freefall record. He planned to send himself aloft on a helium balloon, break off at 130,000 feet and freefall down. Just for reference, that’s about 24.6 miles high. Airliners generally cruise between 6-7 miles (30,000-42,000 feet).

The balloons cost a couple hundred grand apiece, and Fournier had already destroyed two in previous attempts. He’d moved his 20-year project to Saskatchewan because authorities in France forbade it as too dangerous, and as he had run out of money, this was his last chance.

So, new venue, new balloon, new weather delays but Fournier finally gets the A-OK to take off this morning. He inflates the balloon, and it takes off without him.

Poof. Gone. And that’s it. End of story.

The Canadian AP story said “Fournier appeared disappointed…”

I’ll bet.