Realized last week that between visitors, cool events like BeCON, losing Chinni and dayjob pressures I HADN’T SO MUCH AS RUN A GLASS SCORE IN ALMOST THREE MONTHS.

That’s gotta be some kind of record, and it probably explained the nervous twitch in my brain. (Although my wallet keeps sending sincere thanks for the sudden cessation of glass expenditures)

Anyway, Verizon FIOS was doing its thing so reliable FTP’ing was out of the question anyway, and I headed downstairs to the studio. Did four fast, limbering-up exercises, single-fire pieces, no particular direction except something weird with glass tackfuses.

All in all, happy with the way these came out. I get a kick out of figuring out the mechanics of tackfusing to the mold, a matter of balancing one piece against another until you create a self-supporting infrastructure that will hold up to the heat (or collapse the way you want it to). I’m getting more and more radical with that stuff, just to see if it works, and this was one of the four that came out of the kiln today.

Lousy picture–this is actually quite mesmerizing in person, and I think I’m going to explore it a bit. It’s essentially stringer laid across a supporting structure of glass-a LOT of stringer–but the patterns that form are cool. It’s not as fragile as it looks, but I wouldn’t exactly play football with it.