Oh…referring to the four tackfuse exercises I did this week, I posted the basket (thanks, Gary, I was trying to figure out what to call these things). So just to clear up a couple of e-mail queries, here’s what the other three looked like. Apologies for the quality of the photos–I just snapped these in the kitchen.

Arrowneous. This was an exercise in balancing a lot of warm-colored triangles in a long-flat tray mold. Mostly worked, one red triangle slipped to the side in the center, which is why I’m calling it Arrowneous. Interesting exercise, not my favorite–didn’t get the transparency effects I’d hoped for.

Op-art plaid. Tried doing one of the Crystals pieces I like to do, but without the glass understructure that normally holds the squares in place. Held surprisingly well, and just to keep it from looking too mechanical, I added an orange square for the helluvit. Looks better in person (or with a good photo); this one doesn’t really show the Crystal Clear frit that’s supplying the support in this one.

RedRiver2. Probably the most conventional, just a pile of different sizes and colors of frit. I still get a big kick out of them.

Anyway, that’s it. Nothing special, just some fun.