Hey–just a fast note for Ernie lovers: Ernie’s mom is in the news.

Brenda Griffith, the powerhouse GlassValkyrie wonderwoman of Atlanta, is doing her best to convert the South to kilnforming (and beadmaking and glassblowing and, apparently, nude dates at the gloryhole, but that’s another story). She’s got a blog that’s fun to read; I’ve decided I want to be Brenda when I grow up.

And now FoxNews has reported on what she’s up to in a few segments. I’m not normally a fan of FoxAnything, but this is very cool. Give it a look.

I love it when glass (and a buddy) gets a headline. (And not a bad promo, either, Brenda. I notice you got a Bullseye t-shirt in there, your book, date night…way to go!)