There’s a discussion going on Warmglass right now concerning beginning glass resources (books and tutorials). I’ve just suggested that your own project notes are an essential part of the journey, a sort of do-it-yourself tutorial that should never be missed.

I know that mine have helped immensely, and every time I’ve forgotten to complete them I’ve been sorry.

Anyway, I promised I would share, so here goes. Feel free to download the template that I use. I’ve evolved this one over the years, also borrowed a bit from the Bullseye project template…but this one has a bit more of the detail I need.

Here’s an example of a completed project sheet, if you want to see it. This one recorded the project I also talked about in my first frittery post.

Now, I tend to journal a lot (as you’ve seen if you read this blog), so these notes have a lot more detail than a lot of artists would typically include. I also work pretty naturally on the computer, so my notes and diagramming are all done in Word, Photoshop and Visio. Nothing says you can’t do the same thing with a pencil, though.

Anyway…you’re welcome to use the template if you find it useful.