And yep, for those of you who know anything about glassmaking (or have been to the Bullseye factory for just about any event), nope this isn’t Tekta rolling down the lehr. If I’d had a picture of the Tekta line I’d have posted it, but the Bullseye site is down, and I’m just to illustration-happy NOT to put something up…so this shot of what’s probably some kind of striking streaky glass or something on Bullseye’s regular hand-rolled line will have to do.

Posting this for a highly skilled glass artist buddy: If you’re interested in a group buy on some custom Bullseye Tekta (clear) glass, check this out:

My name is Lawrence Morrell and I am considering a custom order for either the Tekta 1100 (green) or 1101 (crystal clear) in 12 mm (about 1/2 inch) or other thickness (custom size). Is anyone interested in going in together on this?

  • Two people would be about $1,515 ea for 7-8 sheets
  • 3 people would be $1,012. for 5 sheets
  • We can change the length but all must have the same width (see below)

From Sarah Givens at Bullseye:
Here’s the breakdown of costs on a special order of the 12mm Tekta (1100), in sheets approximately 24” x 40”.

  • Estimated* weight per sheet – 44 lbs per sheet
  • 44lbs x $4.00/lb = $176
  • $176 x 15 sheets (minimum order) = $2,640
  • $2640 + 15% special order fee = $3,036 (estimated total cost of the special order)

* We recommend having a 2” buffer on all edges, at least, for ease of trimming down

We can get a pretty uniform 24” width, but the length of each sheet will vary, affecting the weight/cost of each sheet.

Timing: Expect 8 weeks lead time, but once ordered & scheduled for production, I can get a better estimate on timeline.

If you’re interested, add a comment (below), or visit the artist’s website (lawrencemorrell.com) and leave email for him there.