cookies-boxRemember me talking about Monica, the Cookie Lady, at work?

The one who makes about a blue jillion cookies and distributes them at work the way the Plaza Hotel distributes bedbugs?*

She’s at it again.

This year Monica’s cookie-baking efforts surprised me a bit.

She’s been promoted to an operations position on our web team (congrats, Monica!) and I figured she just flat out wouldn’t have time to make the ninety-‘leven-million cookies she usually comes across with.

I should have known better, of course; she’s been planning this for half the year, from the looks of things, and several cookieshow veterans were heard to remark on the number of new cookie designs making their debut. In fact, well…you can see for yourself:

Most of these saccharined nuggets of joy wind up with co-workers, but she also gives out a fair number to friends, poor unfortunates, and anyone else who catches her fancy. I’d offer you a bite of mine, or even promise to save you a bag of sweet treats for your very own self, but hey! Even a roomful of cookies like this won’t last forever.

cookiesIn fact, these rarely last out the week. Monica set out the spread I video’d around 10AM Monday morning; by mid-afternoon she was down to two lonely cookie-filled trays. I’m predicting that there won’t be more than a dozen cookies left by close of business Tuesday.

Now, if you’ll kindly go away and leave us to our sugar-induced comas…

*OK, so I could have picked a more appetizing analogy, but it’s late, I’m tired, and everybody keeps talking about Donald Trump…