“Sometimes when I read your blog,” an erstwhile friend wrote, “I realize that I don’t speak Cynthia very well.”

OK, I will admit that I take the title “wordsmith,” i.e., one who makes words, more seriously than many and on rare occasions actually do kinda make up words.

Like, oh…Castuary. Or glassist. Or weirdicle. Or frittery. Or…never mind.

Anyway, realizing that perhaps more than one blog reader may not have encountered some of these terms, I’ve added a new feature to this blog: A glossary. It’s now perched in the upper right-hand corner of the page; click on it any time I use a word you don’t quite get and it should prove helpful.

Of course, sticking it up there has made the search box float around weirdly, so I’ll have to figure that one out (and I’m still planning to revamp this blog so perhaps I’ll do it then). At some point I’ll probably also incorporate little pop-ups just for yocks, but right now you’ll have to look it up in the glossary.

And it’s possible that I’m not including everything–feel free to ask if you’ve unanswered questions.