So I haven’t made ANY glass, or molds, or models, or pretty much anything relating to glass for at least three weeks.

I wonder if you can get the glass DTs?

In part, it’s because I’m incredibly busy with dayjob stuff, something I said I was going to stop doing but nonetheless allowed to creep back in. My fault. And I’ve got relatives in town, houseguests coming, buddies needing help, interesting home fixup projects, etc., etc.

More significantly, though, the light fixtures in my studio decided for some quixotical reason to simultaneously fail. Maybe they giving a farewell salute to Gus, my aged (and now departed) washing machine (since they lived right next door to him). No matter, it’s tough to work in a darkened studio so I pretty much haven’t while I’ve been replacing the lights.

Replaced the fluorescent fixture in the ceiling over my storage cabinets twice (the first one was cheap, broke during installation, and I wised up and got a good one). Both times involved much gritting of teeth and swearing–that’s a tiny space for a 4-foot fixture, and an awkward, not-quite-standing-up position to work in.

Likewise, I replaced the 4-foot fluorescents in my old steel light table, hand-welded and jury-rigged 30 or 40 years ago. Took awhile to figure out the wiring scheme, finally gave up on it and simply rewired all four fixtures and the switch (in the process getting rid of the original blue painter’s tape holding some of the wiring together. Sheesh)

Then turned to the 70s globe fixture in the main ceiling area, decided to replace it with a curving track system and halogen spots. Turned out to be one of those fixtures that requires you to hold your tongue just right to snap everything into the right spot if you want the lights to actually work. (which it now does)

Installed an undercounter LED light over my glass scrap bins, will be installing some puck lights in the cabinet over the main cutting areas.

Lots of lights…and when I go into the studio, turn them all on….I still don’t like the lighting. The LED light is a glow, not a light, and practically useless. There’s not enough bright, white light on the worktable, I need some kind of pendant or something to bring good, strong task lighting where I work. And the new ceiling lights are now throwing studio corners into shadow.

Drat. But since my glassnerves are beginning to twitch, and I’ve got pieces piling up in my head that need to get down on glass, this’ll have to do for now.