leaveryopenerThe northwest rains have begun in earnest–last night the rain hit my bedroom skylight so hard that for a moment I thought I was back east–and we’re starting the glorious slide from autumn golds and reds to winter’s cool grey mists.

One of the nicest parts is when the rain stops and the sun spears out, hard, brilliant and golden, completely changing the landscape. It happened early this morning and I just couldn’t resist going out back and snapping a few shots. (I think my neighbors have resigned themselves to living next to a crazy woman who grunnies through the mud in her bathrobe and slippers at all hours, taking pictures.)

The dogwood–a weird northwest variety with celadon flowers–is one of the last in the yard to bloom and leaf out. Stands to reason, then, that it’s still trembling on the verge of fall color when the rest of the trees are pretty much done. For some reason it always stretches one branch higher than the others, and the winds have pretty much ripped off the leaves on that one, leaving the rest intact. I set up the tripod next to it and started shooting.

Then, just as quickly as it came, the sun was gone, the clouds rolled back in and the first few drops of rain splashed down. I headed back inside, slipped the memory card into the reader to see if I’d captured any keepers. And got on with the rest of my day.