So I picked up a bunch of glass today, full- and half-sized sheets, neatly wrapped. Set them upright on the backseat like you’re supposed to, then thought, “I don’t need to seatbelt them in, I’m only driving home.”

So of course you know what happened, right?

Guy in the lefthand lane decides he needs to make an immediate right turn, across my lane. I slam on the brakes, car jerks to a stop and I hear a big crrrrunch! from the back seat. Looked back, and the package of full glass sheets is bent in half and making tinkle-crinkle-crunch sounds. Not a good sign.


So I now have half sheets where once there were whole sheets, and a whole lot of extra-coarse frit. Wish I could blame somebody besides me, but this one was pretty obvious.

Oh well…