I work with some noxious substances–it’s just what you do when you cast glass–and I take every precaution to (a) not incorporate the stuff into my body (b) not wind up wearing it and ruining yet another outfit, and (c) not get it all over everything so I don’t have to spend hours getting it off the kitchen counter or the deck or wherever.

So why am I typing this with scaly, resin-coated hands?

I swear, I had the gloves on the whole time I was using this two-part casting resin to make a mold positive. Finished, cleaned up, took off the gloves, and it looks like I’ve dipped my hands in superglue. (This is exacerbated by the fact that I already had superglue all over my hands from last night’s glass session–don’t ask).

Either this stuff can get through latex gloves, or it waits until I’ve taken off the gloves, and surreptitiously oozes onto my hands when I’m not looking. Kinda like slime mold.

Hmmm. Maybe that’s it.