There are moods in which you write, and moods in which you’re glad you wrote yesterday. I’m in the latter, not because I can think of nothing to write about, but rather because there’s so much it’s hard to know where to begin.

First, the art. Haven’t so much as touched the studio (aside from helpless shoves to see if it’s still there under all the mess) in nearly two months. Apparently I left out a key element of studio design, i.e., where you put the stuff for AFTER you shut off the kiln: Packing and transport materials. Brochures. Booth furniture and setup kits. Signage. Display stands and hangers. Etc.

At the moment it’s shoehorned into the casting studio, a situation which must be fixed if I’m ever going to get back to casting. I need about two days clear to go in there and reorganize, cart out the show stuff…but to where? I think there’s a storage room rental in my future, which is idiotic.

Fortunately, the gods of summer have finally smiled and the blueberries are ripening, however late. This time last year I was gathering bushel baskets of the berries; unseasonably rainy cool weather has dropped the berry count by more than half. Last year I didn’t mind if the birds gorged on berries, there were more than enough for everybody.

This year I’m growling every time I see a beakprint in one of MY berries, which does not bode well for backyard relations. Sigh. When they were passing out “child of nature” genes I suspect I was head down in a server somewhere.

I need art like I need water, but right now tech’s in ascendancy in my head, and dayjob stuff is humming: I’m building info architectures and interactive content plans and setting up storyboards and all that stuff…and having a lot of fun doing it. I’m finding that art works for me only as long as it’s balanced by something else, which has surprised me a bit.

At some point I’ll get my head around that and either redesign the studio or admit that mine is a great house for parties, computer networks and cozying up on a rainy-grey morning…but not so great for casting studios. And I’ll go set up a separate studio somewhere else.

But for now, I’m gonna play with computers, eat blueberries and cherries and raspberries and gooseberries (like the luscious ones at the top of this page) and plums and asparagus and tomatoes all that stuff that makes summer worth the lack of rain.

And relax.