Went down to Bullseye this afternoon to see what the heck kind of glass got into my Stacks bowl (see original blogpost):

The grey tweed effect was SUPPOSED to be pure French Vanilla, punctuated by small transparent lines of intense color. Instead, I got a motley assortment of greys and lavenders mixed with French Vanilla.

The very nice folks at Bullseye were stumped, too. This isn’t a standard glass. Most likely, they say, it’s a special production, experimental sheet that LOOKED like French Vanilla but strikes. Most likely a full fuse would go completely grey, but who knows without trying it?

Anyway, they can’t tell me more without the production labels, which of course I didn’t keep. So until I find them…or another sheet that does the same thing…this will remain a mystery.

Lesson learned. Keep the production labels until AFTER the piece is finished.