Lani of Bullseye posted a short on how the company uses cryogenics and vaporizers to cut their natural gas use. I had to chuckle because I have fond memories of that equipment.

You see, when those vaporizers were installed I was sitting about 20 feet away, taking a class from Catharine Newell. That class was hitting my brain like a 10-pound sledgehammer.

I was there to learn her impressionistic, watercolor-like techniques with glass powders. Yet strangely, that week I learned less about technique and a whole lot more about voice, vision, and putting “me” into my work. Thanks to that class, my work took a genuine turn for the better (thank you, Catharine).

And I experienced a curious side effect: That week I shot some of my best urban photography. Creatives live for the times when our brains kick into high, the world springs into focus, and everywhere we look there’s miraculous art. A photographer friend calls it “seeing with angel eyes.”

And so there I sat, seeing Bullseye’s vaporizers with angel eyes and a little point-and-shoot camera…

BTW, if you want to see a bigger slideshow, click on one of the images.