OK, I’m beginning to look like a doting mamma with home videos, but…I kept finding towels on the floor in the guest bath. Wasn’t difficult to figure out who was doing it–not with The Princess Lola and Nikki the Tikkimaus around–but all the other towel racks in the house seemed safe from their depredations.

So I hung the towel back on the rack, grabbed Izzy the ‘Pad (that iMovie feature is really killer), and settled into the bathtub to wait. It didn’t take long:

And I discovered what was going on. There’s an air vent right under that rack (you’ll see the towel moving slightly in the video). Lola was probably first attracted to the movement, jumped up and pulled the towel off the rack, mostly covering the vent.

But watch the video: Lola circles the fallen towel, head down, back and forth, then she settles on a spot and flops over. She does this consistently; I replaced that bloody towel ten times and ten times she circled and settled in front of wherever the hot air was emerging.

Intrigued, I slipped downstairs and turned on the air conditioning, to make cold air come out of that vent. Lola dropped the towel as usual, circled…and jumped back, yowling. She wouldn’t go near the towel rack until I turned the furnace back on.

So…I think Lola is redirecting the flow of warm air from that vent for a cozy nap. Why she doesn’t just sit on the vent and get ALL the heat is beyond me, but I’m noticing that whenever there’s a heater vent to contend with, she usually puts something on the vent first, before she sits.

Or she drops a towel on it.

Sometimes this cat is a little bit scary.