Weather report for today said mostly cloudy, not much in the way of precipitation.

So, naturally, it’s been thundering and sleeting and hailing for the last 30 minutes. The ground looks covered with snow to about a half-inch, but it’s actually ice pellets.

You learn pretty quickly that the glassland gods really love to tweak the weatherman’s nose–if you plan for the opposite of the weather report you’re usually in great shape. (Take, for example, last week’s severe storm warnings that nearly shut down the city–wise businesses assumed that “3-5 inches of snow” would translate into “mild drizzle and gloom throughout the day,” and stayed open. They were right.)

The trouble, however, with glassland weather is that anything really interesting doesn’t last. The ice pellets are now slowing and should be completely stopped by the time I post this. The sun has come back out, casting some very gorgeous light on the ice.

Drat. But I guess two cracks of thunder are better than none. And since the piece in the kiln is anneal-soaking, I should thank my lucky stars that the power didn’t go out.