Snowing again today and the forecast is for it to keep it up until Friday. White Christmas indeed. And I’m getting a kick out of documenting the progress of the snow levels on my back deck. Here’s on day 1:

And here’s yesterday’s:

And here’s this morning’s…with a furry addition who’s not in the least bit interested in the weather:

Either the snow is getting taller or the chair is getting shorter, and the great pyramid is building on the deck table.

And now I’ll head out and shovel some walks and drives, see how they fill back up over the next three days. But I’ll leave the chair as-is. Maybe the snow will reach the chair arms. 😉

Addendum: Winds finally stopped enough to get some pics about 4:00, so I crunched outside with my camera (which did NOT thank me).

In the dying light the exposures took up to 20 seconds; my neighbor Larry trudged up to chat just as I was clicking the shutter open. I moved away from the tripod and talked about four wheel drive…then the shutter clicked again to close.

Larry’s jaw dropped. “Whoa,” he said in awe, “The camera takes pictures WITHOUT you! That must be some smart camera and YOU must be a professional photographer. Tripod and everything…”

I smiled modestly. 😉 Anyway, here are the fruits of my very smart camera tonight:

(look at that fringing…sigh)

Not the best in the world (I’m cold, camera colder) but it was fun.

Hmmm. Gotta work out the blown light. May try this again with HDR and see if I can get a real-unreal scene out of it.