29 10, 2012

Cookie coma


There are cookie lovers, cookie makers..and then there's Monica. I work with Monica, and every year at Halloween* she takes a couple days off to send us into diabetic comas. More specifically, she makes enough cookies to float an aircraft [...]

Cookie coma2017-08-03T08:55:35-07:00
24 09, 2012

I found The Black! (licorice)


You ain't no kinda candy lover if you don't live for The Black. You want a great candy? Smooth, supple, grab-your-socks candy? Candy that sends your mouth to heaven, darkens your tongue, brightens your outlook and pulls out your fillings? Screw chocolate. You want black licorice, my friend. And hey--I just found The Black, the perfect, quintessential black licorice.

I found The Black! (licorice)2018-06-21T11:33:45-07:00
20 08, 2010



Restaurant website Location: NW, 21st above the Pearl Cost to feed four for dinner: About $125 (plus wine) My colleague was doing Atkins, the low carb thing, and however tasty the bread, she couldn't eat it. So the chef at [...]

30 07, 2010



So I'm sitting in my office, quietly coding some Flash Actionscript, headphones on, music blasting...when I hear a distant rumble. Or maybe I feel it, in the soles of my shoes. I look up, and there it is again. This time I take the headphones off...but I don't hear anything, just feel a little rumbling. Earthquake, I figure. Or maybe I need to tell Greg the gardener not to mow quite so close to the house. Then the doorbell rings, and it's my neighbor Erin, from across the way. "Sorry to bother you," she smiles, "but is your water turned on?"

23 01, 2010

Yasmen (Lebanese)


Review website (Yasmen doesn’t seem to have a site) Location: Beaverton Price to fill up (and I mean fill up) two people: $60 I chatted idly with the Yasmen employees while I waited for Robyn to arrive. “It’s only 7:00 [...]

Yasmen (Lebanese)2017-10-07T19:30:02-07:00
26 12, 2009

Chez Joly (French)


"Don't you usually have a PRAAAAY FIX-AAAAAY?" I asked the waiter. He looked puzzled for a minute, then asked, "Do you mean "prix fixe?" he asked, "Yes we do," and he showed me the prix fixe menu ($20 per person for salad or soup, entree and dessert) while I blushed a bit. OK, in most places in the US (outside New York and DC), if you ask for the "prix fixe menu," you'll just confuse them. "Prefix to what? Do you mean an appetizer?" they'll ask, with a little eye roll. If you mispronounce it with long aaaaaaas, they just might get it. Except in Chez Joly, which is the closest thing to a real French bistro I've seen in the great Northwest.

Chez Joly (French)2014-12-28T20:40:35-07:00
24 12, 2009

Eleni’s Philoxenia (Greek)


I parked the car about a block away from Eleni's (I was meeting Sara there for dinner), got out and tripped over about a dozen tipsy Santas coming from a rally in the park. I looked around and saw HUNDREDS of Santas, dressed in everything from red Lurex catsuits trimmed with white fur to the real, pillow-bellied deal. What in the world? As I pondered, a lady Santa ran full-tilt into me, grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me, full on the mouth. "MISSELTOE!!!!" she hollered, and handed me a tiny candycane before running to her next victim.

Eleni’s Philoxenia (Greek)2014-12-28T20:40:36-07:00
12 11, 2009

Guess THIS one!…oh well, drat.


So a couple of days ago I promised a free drink to the first one to correctly identify the subject of this image. If you've been reading the blog you may have noted my recent forays in the rainy Portland Farmers' Market, which might have been a clue...

Guess THIS one!…oh well, drat.2016-05-15T23:37:12-07:00
10 11, 2009

Guess THIS one!


I don't know why I even bother, since somebody always gets it on the first or second try, but I suppose I'm the eternal photo-optimist. For a free drink of your choice next time you're in town, be the first one to correctly identify the subject of the following image:

Guess THIS one!2016-05-15T23:34:27-07:00
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