19 08, 2009

VoIP blues


OK, so I'm canceling my Vonage subscription today. I wish my parents could cancel THEIR VoIP service and get some reliable phone lines. And if what I'm seeing about Skype is any indication, I won't be the only one going [...]

VoIP blues2017-07-30T15:21:27-07:00
6 11, 2008



I've got a real thing about words (surprise, surprise), and Wordsplosion has had me doing the ROTFL thing for the last half hour or so. Definitely worth a visit. BTW, the photo above is my own Wordsplosion-style entry. Mom and [...]

9 05, 2008

Visuality speaks


If you wanna understand just how inadequate you are as a visual artist, go paint-your-plating with a bunch of graphic designers. Actually, that’s not quite fair: I had a LOT of fun. Group I’m contracting with right now was nice [...]

Visuality speaks2017-07-30T15:22:41-07:00
12 02, 2008

In moving color


Check this out: heat-sensitive glass tile. I may be the last person in the world to hear about it. Mom sent over a newsclipping and I investigated a bit. The tile changes color according to temperature, so if it's in [...]

In moving color2015-02-01T11:55:01-07:00
1 02, 2008

Wall of shame welcomes Verizon and Linksys


As much as I love geeking out over gadgets, there are days when I long for pencil, tin can and string. Days like today. I’ve had Verizon FiOS, their high-speed fiberoptic network, for 14 months now. I know this because [...]

Wall of shame welcomes Verizon and Linksys2017-07-30T15:14:56-07:00
1 12, 2007

Virtual peephole


Chatting with an old friend the other day, I mentioned a former colleague. “He’s now working at —, right?” “Nope. From what I hear he kinda went ballistic. He’s not there, anyway. Don’t know what he’s doing now.” When I [...]

Virtual peephole2017-07-30T15:23:30-07:00
3 11, 2007

What we sell vs. what they buy


Doing a little market research for someone right now. Nothing fancy, just an informal Zoomerang survey: 10 questions sent out to about 3,000 customers, offering them a chance at a free lunch if they respond. Sent the questionnaire to the [...]

What we sell vs. what they buy2017-07-30T14:52:41-07:00
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